Ella – the beautiful mountain filled countryside hamlet in Sri Lanka –  boasts cool climes, picturesque views, endless tea estates and wonderful waterfalls. There are several amazing waterfalls to view in the vicinity of Ella; here are the top 4 waterfalls that you must visit on your Ella holiday in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Ella Falls: This popular attraction is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Measuring 25 m in height, this cascading waterfall is glorious to watch during the rainy season. The falls, located just off the Ella – Kithalella Road, are a part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary and were named after the legendary King Ravana of the famous Ramayana epic. It is told that King Ravana, kidnapped princess Sita and kept her hidden in a cave located behind the waterfall. Tourists often visit the Ravana cave, which is a major tourist attraction in the country.

Lower Ravana Ella/Bambaragama Waterfall: This graceful waterfall is located not too far from the Ravana Ella Falls and lies in a scenic and popular route near the village of Udunuwara on the Ella – Wellawaya Road. Situated one km away from Ella Rock, this water fall is nine meters high and flows through the Bandarawela Hill Oya Reservoir. To avoid confusion from the larger Ravana Ella Falls, the falls are often referred to as Bambaragama Falls. The best time to visit the waterfall is during and after the rainy season.

Dunhinda Falls: Known to be one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful waterfalls, Dunhinda Falls are located close to Badulla on the Mahiyangana Road, which is approximately 25 km away from Ella. These waterfalls, which are named after the smoky white mist which is created from the falls (‘Dun’ means mist in Sinhala), are formed by the Badula Oya and stand over 60 m high! In order to view Dunhinda Falls properly, you will have to walk along a footpath, which will take you past a smaller waterfall referred to as Kuda Dunhinda (Small Dunhinda Falls). Keep on walking until you reach the end of the path, where there is a secure observation spot to gaze at the wonderful waterfall.

Diyaluma Falls: During your visit to Ella, be sure to visit Diyaluma Falls – which is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, with an incredible height of 220 meters. Situated close to Koslanda, which is approximately 40 km from Ella, these horsetail type falls are formed by Punagala Oya which is a tributary of Kuda Oya. It cascades down the Koslanda Plateau, which is beautiful to watch, especially after a downpour. These falls are easy to visit as they are located by the side of the main road.

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