Mountain Heavens Location

Distance from Colombo: 200 km
Approximate travel time: 5 ½ hrs from Colombo

Ella is a beautiful small hillside town nestled in the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country (approximately 1,100 m height from sea level). Famed for its mountainous beauty, scenic landscapes, lush green valleys, fertile tea plantations, mesmerising views and plenty of fresh mountain air, Ella has an unspoilt beauty of a sleepy countryside admired by many.It is the ideal place for trekking expeditions and many more leisure activities. Among the attractions are the famous Ravana Ella Falls, Little Adam’s Peak and Bambaragala Peak. On your great outdoor journeys, you will meet plenty of fascinating wildlife, including the mischievous langur monkeys. There are several inns, cafes, guest houses and shops you can pop into for a quiet meal, a drink or for a quick purchase. The mild climate in the hills is invigorating and pleasing and will tempt you into the vast outdoors for adventures of all kinds.


What is unique and exceptional about Mountain Heavens Hotel?

Mountain Heavens is nestled in the middle of the charismatic village of Ella and is the only hotel located whose view is focussed through the legendary Ella Gap that’s located between Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock. What is unique and exceptional about the hotel is that all the major attractions of Ella are visible from this location but also are within walking distance.

Ella Rock can be found from the right side while a sheer valley reclining for miles lies to the left. With all these striking fascinations neighbouring our hotel another charm known as Ravana Rock is contiguous from the bottom. Incomparably, the hotel is to be found within walking distance to the Nine Arches Bridge and all the main tourist attractions surrounding Ella located only minutes away from Mountain Heavens. This perfect location provides ideal panoramic views of the surroundings and is probably the best setting for you to enjoy all the backdrops sitting at one place.