If you’re looking to get away from the usual touristy busy spots and beaches in Sri Lanka, then the delightful quaint hillside town of Ella is an ideal location. Situated approximately 200 km east of Colombo in Uva Province, Ella is renowned for its scenic landscapes, mountainous beauty, mesmerizing vistas and cooler climate. Here are five reasons to visit Ella:


Amazing Climate: Ella is situated over 1000 meters above the sea level and enjoys a cooler climate due its high altitude. It is situated in the intermediate climatic zone, with average temperatures varying between 13 – 25°C. So if you’re looking to get away from the humidity of the coastal areas, then Ella is perfect with a climate that reminds people of hot English summers with relatively hot days and cooler nights.


Amazing Trekking: Ella is perfect if you’re looking for leisurely trekking and hiking activities. Ella Rock is the longest and most rigorous climb in Ella, taking two hours to get to the top with a steep climb. This is definitely for more fit climbers who are into hiking and trekking; however, the view from up here is just phenomenal! Those looking for a less strenuous climb can opt for Little Adam’s Peak, which is a much easier route with excellent views on the top. The hike up and down takes under two hours and you can see beautiful waterfalls and Ella Rock from there.


Amazing Views: Without a doubt, Ella is one of the most picturesque places in Sri Lanka. Flanked by huge mountains high up in the hills, the area has remarkable views of the surrounding area. In particular, the view through Ella Gap – which is a space between Ella Rock and Little Adam’s Peak – is just spectacular, and on a fine clear day, you can see across the Southern plains of Sri Lanka up to the coast!


Amazing Activities: Apart from trekking and hiking, there is much to do and see here. Fans of tea will be amazed with the luscious tea estates nearby and can even visit a tea factory! Tours of the tea factory include step by step viewing of the manufacturing process, and tasting different flavors of tea. The waterfalls around Ella are also beautiful – Ravana Falls are the closest and are worth a visit. Other waterfalls in the vicinity include Diyaluma Waterfalls and Dunhinda Waterfalls. If you’re interested in temples, a visit to Dova Temple and Muthiyangena Dageba are recommended.


Amazing Accommodation: Ella is the perfect laid back place with several comfortable and cozy accommodation options available for all types of travelers. There are several Ella Hotels and guesthouses dotted throughout the area due to the growing popularity of Ella in recent years.


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