Ella is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka if you’re looking to get away from the humidity of the coast and simply wish to unwind in a cooler climate, marveling at the picturesque mountain views. Situated in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, the charming hamlet of Ella is surrounded by amazing natural beauty, hilly countryside, waterfalls and many other attractions. Amongst the numerous things to do in Ella is visiting the lush tea estates and tea factories, which produce some of the best flavors of tea in the world – Ceylon Tea. A visit to one of the many tea factories near Ella is a must, where you can learn how tea is produced from start to finish.


There are a few tea factories to choose from in Ella – one of the best is Uva Halpewaththa Tea Factory, which is the largest tea factory in Sri Lanka’s Uva province. This factory, situated about 3 km from Ella, has state of the art machinery and manufacturing procedures, and runs great tours that are very informative where you can learn all you need to know about Ceylon tea and watch the step by step process of black tea manufacture.


This is followed by a tea tasting session at the café, where you can taste different types of tea that are produced by the estate. You can even purchase factory fresh tea leaves and other tea related items here. This is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying the natural beauty of the area, and is an excellent stop for tourists that are usually on the way to Little Adams Peak, which is a major tourist attraction in the region.


Those interested in learning about the process of making green tea can visit the Newburgh Green Tea Factory at Newburgh Tea Estate, which is owned by Finlays – one of the world’s largest tea producers. This factory is one of the best green tea factories of Sri Lanka, and offers quick tours of the process of making green tea, which is different to factories that produce Ceylon black tea.


Include a visit to a tea factory in Ella on your holiday itinerary, where you can find out all the effort that goes into making a cup of tea, so that next time you sip your delicious tea, you’re bound to remember your special Ella holiday. Interested in other things to do in Ella? Click here for more information.